Camp Life

Daily Schedule

All of the classes and activities at Bellis are signaled with traditional Bugle Calls by our trumpet players. Click Here to go to our Buglers' page.

7:00am: Reveille

7:30am: Inspection Call

7:55am: Mess Call


9:00am: Wind Ensemble & String Orchestra

10:10am: Music Theory

11:00am: Symphony

12:30pm: LUNCH

1:15pm: Rest

2:20 pm: Chamber Music


4:15pm: SHOWERS

5:20pm: Mess Call

5:30pm: DINNER

6:45pm: Rehearsal


9:45pm: Taps - Lights Out!


All campers attend the following classes:

  • String Orchestra or Band rehearsal

  • Full Symphony rehearsal

  • Small Chamber Music groups

  • Music Theory, including conducting, improvisation, music history, choir, ear training, and more!

Things to do during recreation:

  • Swimming

  • Rec Room

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball

  • Archery

  • Zip line

  • Climbing Wall

  • Trampoline

  • Snack Bar

  • Camp Store

  • Counselor Planned Activities

Some of our past evening programs have included square dancing, taiko drummers, Comedy Sportz, ukulele performances, and more! We also have a skit night, a chamber music night, and a camp dance.